When his wife suddenly leaves, Gharrett Graywood’s devotion to their one-year-old son, Bobby, only increases. Friends in his Anchorage community—fellow instructors, medical professionals, aviators, and parents—help round out his extended family. But they can do little beyond support when Bobby’s ADHD becomes compounded with increasing seizures of unknown origin. Desperate for his son to have a normal life, Graywood searches for the cause of Bobby’s mysterious disease.

Centered in Alaska, Spirit Made Smaller explores spiritual themes against the harsh backdrop of the Alaskan wilderness as Graywood searches within and without for clues to help himself and his son cope. Discussions with Monroe Bearhead, Bobby’s godfather of Athabaskan and South Korean descent, take Graywood to new territory, sometimes hard to accept. A calming presence, Bearhead also challenges conformity and advises against holding to a closed-in perspective where spirit is made smaller.

In the end, author Phillip Douglas challenges us: At what cost truth? Graywood does discover the cause of his son’s disease … where he never expected to find it.

Dr. Douglas’s years of practicing medicine on four continents have inspired a novel that’s as well researched as it is rich in detail. It’s a cliff-hanger medical mystery that reads like a trip to the Far North with more twists and turns than the Yukon River!

Dr. Len Ramsey
East Africa medical missionary

A well-honed work, one worth reading.

Gretchen Diemer, Poet
Between Fire and Water, Ice and Sky

A novel that explodes into a tremendously disturbing conclusion about our existence, Spirit Made Smaller is a riveting story about a father’s quest to determine what killed his son and how he faced his bitter discovery.

Dr. Margot R. Krauss
Epidemiology Consultant, EPICON Associates

A Place For Bearhead's Potlatch

A Place For Bearhead’s Potlatch

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