A New Manuscript & Hawaiian Book Signing Events

The Barnes & Noble bookstore located at Lahaina, Maui, and Talk Story Bookstore in Hanapepe, Kaua’i, hosted Phillip Douglas at successful signing events for his award winning novel, Spirit Made Smaller.  The Barnes & Noble signing took place on February 12th, two days prior to Valentine’s Day, and the Talk Story Bookstore event was integrated into the February 20th Hanapepe weekly Friday Festival and Art Walk.  Talk Story Bookstore promotes itself as “The Western-Most Bookstore in the United States.”  (That may be accurate, yet Nome, Alaska may have a bookstore or two.  If so, they would be farther west than Hanapepe.)

While in Hawaii, Douglas also researched the background material for one of his main characters, Maoli Kaikua’ana, in his upcoming novel, We Killed the Neanderthals?

Maoli Kaikua’ana, a resident on the Forbidden Island, Ni’ihau, is a strong female who provides the necessary gravitas to mold the plausible solutions to the questions proposed at the book’s beginning, and which then are futher modified throughout the body of ‘Neanderthals.’  Kaikua’ana rarely departs from Ni’ihau except to sell her shell necklaces on Kaua’i or to commune with a Shinto priestess on Maui.

   In addition to Hawaii, this manuscript will craft settings along the Oregon coast, Indonesia, Rome and Amsterdam.


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