Written by Phillip F. Douglas

Spirit Made Smaller

A father desperately seeking the cause for his young son’s illness and eventual death

International Book Awards WINNER

Searching For Truth, Finding More Than Expected

Set against the dramatic backdrop of Alaska, Phillip Douglas’s new novel ‘Spirit Made Smaller’ is a sensitive portrayal of a father desperately seeking the cause for his young son’s illness and eventual death and his attempt to understand the reasons his wife, Maren, abandoned him and their child, stands in stark contrast to the landscape. Spirit Made Smaller by Phillip Douglas.


Bobby had lost consciousness at the birthday party, and paramedics rushed him to Providence.

What if it’s a seizure? The way Rachel choked out what happened over the phone … it might be. Blasted damn traffic lights!

“Learn to drive, you fools,” cursed Doctor Graywood, from Elmendorf Air Force Base to Glenn Highway. He broke speed limits big. If pulled over, he’d pressure the patrolman for an escort and pay the tickets later.

Passing out or having a seizure denoted only symptoms. Biting his lip, Graywood flashed through possible causes for an eleven-year-old: infection, expanding tumor, ruptured blood vessel, new onset diabetes, idiopathic … or something wrong with the heart.

Screw it.

He ran two more red lights.

No sirens. Not yet. Children’s Hospital shined as a jewel in the silver-taupe tiara of Providence Regional Medical Center, adjacent to the University of Alaska Anchorage. It shared a front loop of road with the Medical Arts Pharmacy. A faded ring of shrubs tucked in the circle’s apex surrounded a statue of Jesus Christ, arms halfway raised, starting to signal a touchdown in the garden’s end zone.



Spotlighted Review

“A novel which explodes into a tremendously disturbing conclusion about our existence, Spirit Made Smaller, is a riveting story about a father’s quest to determine what killed his son and how he faced his bitter discovery.”

-Dr. Margot R. Krauss, Epidemiology Consultant, EPICON Associates, LLC